1st Post

Hello world! That's my 1st post in this 1st blog (of me) This is my Own! :D Kado ultah yang ke 14. Selama ini pingin bikin blog. Tapi nggak pernah sempat. Sibuk... XD Well, mulai hari ini ada kegiatan baru selain ngurus Facebook dan Twitter. Over all, I'll judge this blog as a sister and as a friend. The place to vent, a place to share about my sad stories, happy stories, love stories ({) stories about my friendship (this is probably the MOST), galau stories, famm stories, & etc. :D Well, blog ini terbit tanggal 15 Februari. Kemaren Valentine's Day. Tapi yaa pastinya aku gak ngerayain. Well, enjoy this blogg yah! :*:*:*

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