Special Poem for my Beloved, Bunda ♥

Bunda, you look beautiful today!

At your age
*is not young anymore*

Forty-four years!!

With all the trials, problems, exams, and other

Your life is full of twists and turns

Bunda, you're truly extraordinary!

With three children who you were born

Which you grew up with the rest of your affection

But you still look gorgeous

Always gorgeous

No lateral line on your face tired

Although your physical weakening

You often fatigue

But you're still determined to face this cruel world

Bunda, you wouldn’t be replaced

Although, beloved Ayah has been gone forever

Youre very strong

Wise approach to life

Which is sometimes too hard

Who sometimes too creepy

Which sometimes make you awake all night

Bunda, happy birthday!!!

Forgive your daughter, who often hang around

Forgive your daughter, who often make you lonely

Forgive your daughter is often less attention

Sometimes I make you angry

Sometimes I can’t make you cheerful

I wouldn’t be able to repay and sacrifice yourself

This poem is a poem I made the first ever

And this I dedicate to you

Just for you...

--March27,1967-March27,2011 :D--

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