Can you feel me?


now, i'm soo lonely. maybe I always look brave, cheerful, and energetic. But the reality? I'm very fragile. very fragile. i dont know who can understand what happening with me. right now I'm very upset. VERY UPSET. I really missing him. I want to see him. I want him to encourage my life. I'm so tired of living in this world. everything seem very plain and bland. not like it used to be. I smiled just a compulsion. laughter was limited to pleasing people. and absolutely no sense of passion for life. the normal human mustn't like me. but I feel my life isn't normal anymore. yeaah, it isn't normal. the rain seems insignificant. the heat too. God, I'm very desperate. I'm depressed. I want to loss of memory. I want to live without needing to know what happened in my past.

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