august rush

hello hello hello bloggie :) long time no see -_-" well I'm VERY BUSY in this month. a lot activities. a lot jobs. a lot assignments. and a lot a lot lainnya. *bilingual ya? ;D* well, this is my first August's post :D and I've enthusiasm about this one. wkwk I dont know why. yee this is the 11th day of fasting. soo long -__- on August 20th we will go to JAKARTA! oow yeaaah :D *fiery spirit* but not really fiery spirit :( this is the first Ramadan without him. without ayah X( and ofcourse first Lebaran without ayah. hoooaaaa!!! continue to grieve persist. hoho... okay. just talk about other theme. ramadan is full in this month. so, we will pass this year's independence day during fasting. hard, but NEVER SAY NEVER :D I've a planon wednesday (August17th), I want DAYS OFF. Im afraid of a powerful ceremony. -_- will make me feel so tired. but this is just a plan. I dont know it will happen or not. XD hey! this month, i've many BUKA BERSAMA :D i'm a busy girl. Hehehe... owkeh. i must go to the mosque. tarawih. :) well, bye!

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