Well, yawh-_- Tomorrow is a time of SEMARAK MUHARRAM!!! OWYEAAAH! (?) HAPPY NEW YEAAAR!!! WELCOME MUHARRAM 1433H :))  Sooooo, JUST bcos of Imma *perforce* part of Rohis, and I'm sooo lazy to take a part in the seksi inti, sooo I said, "AKU SEKSI DOKUMENTASI AJALAH YA WOIY." Terdiam. Speechless. But then??? "IYA VIN! IYA! BAGUS KAU JADI SEKSI DOKUMENTASI AJALAH KAN. GAMPANG LAGI! NGGAK BANYAK KERJA DO KAAAN???" *SENYUM KEMENANGAN* (Y) And I chose Rani to be my partner. Okay it bcos of she has a cameradigital too :D Soo we can be the best partner. Amen. There are soo many contest. Azan, Pidato, Sholat Berjamaah, Poster, Nasyid, and Cerdascermat. Naaah, the interesting contest here is NASYID. Yeaah. Boy, boy, and boy. Sooo much boy. But there's no ******-_- He goes to SMP ******** **. And that school is not in this city #curcol . Howpityyouare, vinta :(( #vintasalahgaool . And our delegate (from my class IXI) are Ibrahim Rasyid, M. Adrizal Arsyad Syam, Rafif Utama Putra, and Raja Syarif. S. They will sing a song who have a title, "Tasbih, Tahmid, Tahlil, dan Takbir". Ohgossh I like that song soo much! You must listenin' to this song. So interested. I hope we will be the winner. Amen... Another contest? I dont know-_- I just busy with my job. And I just care with Nasyid XD Huahuahuahuah-______-" But over all, I HOPE IXI WILL BE THE WINNER IN ALL OF THE CONTEST TOMORROW!!! AMEEEN. ALLAH SWT BLESSING US EVERYTIME and EVERYBREATH. And then, lets talk about our costume. Well, I will wear a blue hijab, blue blouse (school's friday uniform), and songket skirt (I'M SORRY THIS IS SOO BILINGUAL lol) aand darkgray flatshoes. Maybe it will be soo weird. But I swear, I'll enjoyyit!! (´・ω・`) I hope songket skirt WONT disturb me when I using her (her?) Tomorrow will be the busier day on this month FOR all of rohis's members. I dont care if i have un-important job, i always be grateful. Cos Allah already manage it (cielah bahasee) isnot a horrible and terrible thing, guys. It soo cool! I can take a pictures everywhere, everyone, and everymoments. Hahahah-_- Maybe Rani and I will be un-important committee tomorrow. Hagzzhagzzhagzz. Noproblem. Dont worry its okay. Well this is toonite. And I wanna say goodbye. Cos i already sleepy (•̃┌┐•̃'l) Soo, bye blog. See ya at next desire side of me to checking you.  

Vintasr lol

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