1 Year, Ayah... (⌣́_⌣̀)

One year without you,
is like a year without lights.
is like a year without sun.
is like a year without drinking.
is like a year without oxygen.
is like a year without safer.

You're not my Lord
You're my Dad
You did your job as a dad
You can made your children feel soo better
You can brought us to the right way

You can made me sad
You can made me cry
But you can made me smile too
Til I laughed

I can't live without you, Ayah.
You left.
I'm alone.
You let Bunda takes care about everything.
You let my bunda alone
Lonely in her sad
I don't know how sad she is
She always shows her strength
She is my hero

I pray for you everyday
I hope you received it
I'm sorry if I'm still be the naughty child -_-
Sometimes, I forget to pray

What about there?
I forgot my last dream
Dream when you came
You're so arrogant, ayah.
I miss to see your face
Although just in dreams
Pictures haven't meant anymore

Your voice?
I heard when your old sister showed us the video
Your last Idul Fitri's video
You still remember?
You talked about THE DEATH.
Believe or not, but I was cry
Bcos I never let you go, Ayah.

I can make a SOOO LONGGG story about you
It's easy
I feel it by myself

One year isn't a short time
I applied myself to stay alive without always sad
It's hard
But now?
I just think you're going to the far place for a few months
I'm weak, ayah.
Weak than other people know about me.

I can laugh til my stomach hurt
But inside? Can you see my heart?

I wish you were here now
I need you
Everychild needs their dad
You know that.

I learn one important thing from this all
Don't waste his love
Enjoy his love
Before he or you leggo to the next step of life...

*corat-coret di belakang buku terobosan sekolah (matematika sama pak abdullah XD), 24 januari 2012 :')*


I love you soo much, ayah ε˘`)

*karena kesibukan kelas 9, jadinya baru sempat ngepost tanggal 28 januari XD tapi disetel aja tanggal dan waktunya. jadinya di post tanggal 24 januari :)*

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  1. Be patient Vinta :') even though I didn't know you so well, I also pray for your father. Allah loves him ^^


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