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HAPPY NEW YEAAAR!!! :D Well, today is January 1st, 2012. 2011 is overGrief in 2011 has passedNow let's begin 2012 with optimism to become a better person:) There will be many changes in the life of me in this yeaar. First, starting from the beginning of january. Early january is the beginning of my last semesters at this schoolIn the last week of january, 24th was one year Ayah's deathEarlier in february on the 4this my fifteenth birthdayAnd damn-_- in april, I will follow the UN. And after that i'll be busy taking care of high school. Which high school will be my next schoolIdkCompetition is very tough and very tight if you wanna be the Eight high school's studentsAnd many more changes will happen to me. Btw I probably won't be online as much as beforeCause I'll take bimbel, etc.. And i'll spend my days (before april) to studying hard. Yeaah i won't waste my days to playin and playin and playin-,- I must take a big changes! If i don't studyhard, i'm not sure I can go to a fave high school. I won't dissapointing myself and my bundaa. HEY! I have a few wishes in this (Christian's) new year.

  1. Being the better person.
  2. Have much love from the other ;)
  3. Have much friends.
  4. Have a good score in my rapot.
  5. UN is abolished XD
  6. Have much reward from Allah.
  7. Being the better Muslim.
  8. Being more rich #eh
  9. Being more mature.
  10. Being the good teenage girl.
  11. Being more extraordinary.
  12. Being more beautiful *hahahah...
  13. Being smarter.
  14. I don't care if in this year, will be the doomsday or whatever. No matter what, may I be classified as a Pious Muslim. AMIN.
  15. About romance? It's already set up by Allah. Don't worry, vinn:D
It's a brand new year. Brand new life. And brand new ME! Hahahahhah-__- Well, that's all. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! #swaggayear :D

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