Gallery in Grandma's House ♥

I just took some pictures at my grandma's house yesterday afternoon. My grandma was asleep in her bedroom. So? I can freely take pictures in her house with a digitalcamera that I carried. If you come to my grandma's house, it'll feels like a nostalgia to the past year. At grandma's house, there are many photos of our family members. Btw, you will find the picture of my Dad's family too :D She save it. All photographs are neatly arranged:) So I love to look at them.

Cool quotes, hah? ;)

My Mom, My Dad, My cousin (kak Dara), and My Bigbro (bang Aka)


Cool gallery!

my Dad :)

My mom's sisters and brother. My mom is the 2nd :)

my Grandpa & my Grandma :)

my Great-grandpa & Great-grandma from my Grandpa :)

My Dad's Family:)

my beloved MOM! :D

Guess who? My LITTLE BROTHER :D He is cute hah? Just like me?

my Mom too :D She is beautiful. Just like me too? C'mon I'm her daughter!

my Grandma's House at Letjen. S. Parman Number 45 Gobah Pekanbaru - 28131

So wdyt? Cool? Good? Extraordinary?:) Or you have the better?


Vinta Suci Ramadhini

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