Well now, I'll show you two INSPIRING (but made me shock when I saw that in the 1st time) pictures. Soo touching pictures. Don't try to see if your heart is weak. Hahahah... This pictures is about Spongebob. Not just him! But about my boyfriends, Justin Bieber and Greyson Chance too ;D;D;D I found it when I just blogwalked a blog who posted it. Annndd ssstttt I saved 2 pictures. Just check them out!

Justin Bieber

Greyson Chance

Wqwqwqwq soo wdyt? :o Cool? Cute? Orrrrr FREAK? Hahahahah its up to you blog. Cause both of them are still cool and cute in their REAL face&body ;) And their voice ofcourse :D Btw i'm sleepy ryt now. Soo goodnite and goodbye! 

 xoxoVINTA ;) 

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