DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT FEEL WHEN YOU'VE JUST ALREADY FINISHED YOUR NATIONAL EXAMINATION??? TOTALLY JOYFULLLL!!! TOTALLY MAKE YOU SMILE ALL OF THE TIME!!! TOTALLY MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A CRAZY PERSON *hah? TOTALLY FEELS LIKE YOU FLY TO THE SKY. TOTALLY FEELS LIKE YOU JUMP FROM THE SKYSCRAPER. AND BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE ROOM OF THE EXAM, YOU SHOULD SCREAM OUTTT SOOOOO LOUUUDDDD!!! Hahahaha---" Etc. Alhamdulillah... It's finally OVER! Yeah all of exams is FINALLY OVER TODAYYY!!! =)) Hopefully, I get the good result. Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin... I won't make my family [ESPECIALLY My Ayah and My Bunda] feel disappointed (˘⌣˘) I wanna go to the favorite senior high school in this city. I wanna make everybody proud of me :) And I wanna show 'him' that I CAN!!! :p And now, holiday is in front of my eyes :D Damn, I love my life nowww! -------- But however, I'm still afraid of the result of my exams-_- Hahahahah...

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