Don't disturb. I'm in LOVE :3

From the title, you might think that I'm in love with a boy who makes my life can't describe, and filled with happiness. Huahahaha XD Now I'm in love with a boy who lives in Malaysia, but he is Minangnese ;) And he's DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS!!! And he made ​​me fall in love at first sight. 1st time when i met him? He was always smiling shyly. Unlike the other boys. Only Justin and Greyson are usually like that on me <3 His name is Isra '. He is still 1 year 8 months. But he already knows how to make people crazy about him. Not just me. But also w/ Bunda, Kidik, Nenek, and my siblings . Anyway, I love him a looottttt!!! He stayed for 3 days at my house. And who knows when we may meet again :{ If we meet someday, such as other children, to be sure he had forgotten the good times that we had :') It's okay. Maybe it's unfaaaaiiiirrr......... *krikkrik*

Salam galau,
Me.  Photobucket

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