Then you happy?

I'm done. I can't let it anymore. Whatever you do to me, I'll understand. But today? I'M DONEEE!!!!!???!!!!?!!! Who do you think you are haaaah? I thought you were a good 'person'. Okay, I don't care and I don't wanna know anything about you-___- Cuz you always be nothing for me. Moreover bcos it. But what is ur business with me???? What's ur problem???????? Did I ever make you grudge?????? You don't understand anything about that problem! The problem has been EXPIRED! AND THERE WERE NO connexion WITH YOU! Who are you haaah?????????? And we know, you were not my ********* on *** t(-_-t) Fawk you! I hate you. I sweaaar! You just like a cicakshit from now. You made me confused of everything, till I always said "What???" with a stupid face, and then???? FINALLY YOU SAID THAT DIRECTLY. Damnit!!? K, maybe I've lost myself today. I'm rewlly rewlly depressed and frustation about the result of mid-test. But you came and said that. Cukstwja about you!-_- I can't handle my emotion anymore--- I said I'm DONE! My ***'s ********* never even discuss it anymore. But you? The stranger who suddenly talk about it to me. Sucker! You smile? It means nothing for me. Ur smile is just like a lie thing. Yeah you can break me. Everybody can and could. You can't fix what's been broken. Tell me how could you be so cruel even you're just a stranger-- Just like you're pouring salt and lemon juice on my cuts. SOK TAU KAU, TAU NDAAAAAAK?????????? Ehey yoo anak siapalah--- Asli palakbeeeh-_- And sorry, you know that problem is from whom? UR MOMMY? Just get out and hug ur mom._.v Uppssss sorry I wrote it here cuz this is my blog-- Got a problem?-_- So why you read it from the beginning? :)

And I'll come to you this nite~

K, I don't want this to continue into the highest level. So let me free and type everything I want. Don't force me to bury it. Fyuh~~

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