Entering 16.

Hello dude.

Today is Feb15,2013. And yesteday was the valentine day. The kafir's day:') And of course, as a Moslem and a student at the Islamic School, I mustn't celebrate it. I passed yesterday with some tests. Alqur'an Hadist, Arabic, Chemistry (which was the most... pffft), Art (took a score to play the flute), and the 1st periodic test at LIA. What a thursday!

And 11 days ago, I just entered to 16. Which mean that I'm very close towards the 17:) Is it will be sweet or not? Ask to 17 later=))

I had very many congratulations of my burzday from ma friends and also from ma family and my siblings in other cities. And I wanna tell ya that I was very very very very happy. I brought my blackberry to school JUST to replied every Happy Birthday wishes from'em:)♥ Maybe I'm norak (?) or some thing like that. But you'll never know how it feels.

I woke up at 4AM in the morning, but there was just 4 burzday wishes. I was sad and… felt so empty. But after that, about at 6AM, there were many burzday wishes. And most of my friends put my name on their pm (on bbm) and also Uga, put ma name on her display name=))

And you know? My mom didn’t say anything about ma burzday until the evening._. And I went home in the evening bcos I needed to take a bath first at Dinah’s rent room.

Dinah and Chia made a surprise trapped (?) on taman komplek. Such a thing that we did at Dinah’s burzday on last November.

Listerine, kecap pedas manis yang ada cabenya itu, tepung, sampo, kopi, dan lain-lainnya menggerogoti diriku:’) Butuh perjuangan yang amat sangat untuk membersihkan jilbab, baju olahraga, dan TENTUNYA rambut aku yang meski udah hampir ngabisin Tresemme (sampo+conditionernya) tapi tetep aja rambut aku masih ada sisa-sisa penjajahan DinahChia. Rambut aku bener-bener lepek dan kayak habis dicatok (?)

I love February 4th so much.

And actually, since my Ayah passed away, there’s nobody who wants to give me some money to treat (I mean, “neraktir”) ma friends. Cos all that ma friends wanted from you when you turn older, are asked for money or free foods. Trust me. And also me. But that’s awkay ryt? When else?

And I got a special gift from my Bunda. And special tikijne package(?) from Ghina, ma best who living in Yogyakarta right now after moved from Makassar:’)

My Bunda’s burzday gift? A perfume. A very special perfume

Ghina’s burzday gift? A diary organizer series from Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part I. It’s so special and so beauty:’)

The purple one. The in front of one:')

The contain of the diary. Some pictures of the scenes make it lovely a lot.
And I don't wanna write anything on this diary organizer, cos it just sooo.... BEAUTY and LOVELY. Can't stand. 
And so... Hope I become more better than before. I get every single thing that I want. All dreams come true. Boyfriend is on the planning cos my candidate is just broke-up with his ex. You know who? Yea you got it! Justin Bieber!!?
And I wanna say that, even I'm happy (even not really) with this new age, I'm still loving and missing you, Ayah. Wherever you are ryt now, I just want you to know that I love you more than you know♥:) 
I have many activities so far. And I follow the Pendopo activity every Sunday. I think it can boost ma discipline and make me stronger and more masculine (?) than other girls around me. And I just had a practice of debate this day. With kak Odi and Haykal. So far I love debate. And insha Allah we will join the debate competition at SMA8 next friday. Pray for us!♥  But I'm not hoping too much to win. Bcos on my group, there are 2 freshmen. Haykal and me-_- In addition, kak Odi who just got a chance for the student exchange to America on next August till da next year. Proud of her:')
And whatelse? Oh yea. My class had a debate about one week ago with the IN3 class. And we were the Winner! \m/ And I was the replies of our class's representative. And that was just cool. The motion was talking about the celebrity who use the drugs should be sentence death penalty (kurang lebih gitu deh-_-) 
And my school life is going... So far so good. 
I don't have further comment about my life. I'm just wanna enjoy my life till I die. I wanna enjoy it. Just enjoy it.
And my love life is going... Pe ef ef ef te.
And I'm just being the new admin of @WeBeliebersTeam :D Follow us and enjoy da Beliebers world, gals;)
So, i'm re-borning(?)


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