I need to take a math and chemistry courses.
I need to.
I got remedy on that two lessons.
So far, I'm good on others. But not for this both.
How can the science student dislike this two lessons-___- HOW CAN??? Like, HOWWWW CAAAAAANNNNNNN? 
Math, Chemistry, just please to be fine:')
Awkay, it's sooo unfair._. My classmates are the smart students. I'm the most stupid? Maybe. No. I'm not. I shouldn't be the most stupid!-_-

So I need to change. I mustn't disappointed my bunda, and also my ayah. He's somewhere rite now. And I want him to keep his smile all the way.
And I change my future plan. Bcos of my bunda's request. I wanna make her happy to have this kinda daughter. SO, YAH, BUN, I WILL SHOW YA!:)
And also to YOU. I'll show ya;) Bye. 

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