Miss Me?

Long time no post anything. I'm on my august rush rite now. I've a week of holidays, cos all of our teacher are going to Alahan Panjang to have kinda training or something rite there, and I've so many homework that my teachers already gave us to do. Urgh. Suck me up. I spent my first two days with going to the mall to watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monster with my 9 classmates (Tasia, Cader, Irun, Ojan, Altop, Ciki, Furqon, Fikri, & Atuy) and yesterday, I watched Mortal Instruments with Jara, Renok, Ima, Kak Wildan, Kak Ajo, and Kak Billy. And... today, I've a quality time with my grandma. Haha. And i've this chance to post something on my blog. Yeah\m/
And nowww... i don't know what to say. But, i love you!
xoxo, vintasr.

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