Download Journals Album by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber - Journals
Justin Bieber - Journals

Hello!:))) Firstly, I'm gonna tell you about what's gonna happen tomorrow on my class. Math daily exams about Limit (which I don't have any idea about what is that actually till now), PLUSSS we must finish the 52 questions about that Limit and must collect it as soon as possible on tomorrow morning, and then sing an Indonesian anthem PLUS sing the musical not of song that we chose, and then at the last subject, English, each group will draw a paper of spoof. And the members of my group are Sabila, Meli, and Cipi. Just hoping that my group will successful at that 'spoof' task. And according to the title of this post, I'm gonna share to you, especially all Beliebers around the world who's getting upset&mad(?) when you tryna download all of songs on Journals Album. Well, don't need any babibu, click on 'Click Here' img below to get your Journals Album - Justin Bieber:)))

  1. Justin Bieber - Recovery // Download
  2. Justin Bieber - Backpack (Ft. Lil Wayne) // Download
  3. Justin Bieber - Memphis (Ft. Big Sean) // Download
  4. Justin Bieber - Roller Coaster // Download
  5. Justin Bieber - Swap It Out // Download
  6. Justin Bieber - What’s Hatnin’ (Ft. Future) // Download
  7. Justin Bieber - Hold Tight // Download
  8. Justin Bieber - Heartbreaker // Download
  9. Justin Bieber - All Bad // Download
  10. Justin Bieber - Confident (Ft. Chance The Rapper) // Download
  11. Justin Bieber - PYD (Ft. R. Kelly) // Download
  12. Justin Bieber - Bad Day // Download
  13. Justin Bieber - Change Me // Download
  14. Justin Bieber - All That Matters // Download
  15. Justin Bieber - One Life // Download


If you use wifi or full service on your Blackberry, it will be better cos it won't took longer. And yeppph you can download it one bye one song as it has 'Download' link above. Well if you ask me which song that I love the most on this album, so I'll answer "All That Matters", "Heartbreaker", "Change Me", and "Roller Coaster" excitedly! Fyi, I'm still deeply in love with Believe Album than other Justin's albums. And, I hate All That Matters and Confident video clips cos...yes. Hating jealously. Aye pray for me so Allah SWT will give His power to make me stronger all the way all the day.


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