March-April-May of Me

It is a HUGE pressure that I finally, um, not finally, but almost live in a last year of being a high school student. I'm still on my 11th grade, but I already feel how sucks of being a last year student since I ever felt it when I was on the last year at junior high school. And also since I saw how bleeding my seniors were when they had struggled of studying till dying. HAHAHAH. Um. It is a full fourteen years of struggles. Fyi, I went to kindergarten when I was 3 and just count it, 17-3=14! Fourteen years of struggling Idk.
Especially on this last three months. Just especially. It doesn't mean that the other months aren't full of struggles. Well, I said it 'especially' cos I can't say anything on my blog since the last 26th of March. I rewlly rewlly can't spend my time on this.
But now?:)
I'm sick today. Despite of I ever got sick on the other days before, but this time, I'm telling you that I'm really sick. I even had back home from school this morning. Whereas I used to have two daily tests. Akidah Akhlak and Physics. And I need to do one after another(?) tests on the next day. Maybe on the next day. Only-God-knows.
I think there is something wrong with my digestion. Otherwise diarrhea, this maybe cos I drank too much yogurt yesterday. I had drunk a lot of yogurt before I had breakfast. My fault.
Cos idk why, but I just love yogurt so much. And that yogurt was made by my colloid group. Yep, my group made it on Monday. And it was rewlly rewlly DEE-LISH! Well, deelish is slang for DELICIOUS.
And I've spewed my stomach acid 4 times this morning at school, and once after I had eaten my porridge at home. In addition, I poop-ed 3 times (k, it's kinda disgusting but that's the fact) and they were a liquid or something. So that's why maybe I got diarrhea.
In the other hand, my one and only brother just made his day today cos he is accepted on my school. I'm not that happy. Or that sad. I just........BORED! Why we always go to the same school since the elementary school???!?!??!!?!!???!!!!???!!!!
So, when he woke me up from my dream at this afternoon, and told me about that, I was just like...

And I was just back to my dream again. He is surprisingly acting like he is the luckiest boy around. I kinda confused. Cos he was just like MADE FUN OF MY SCHOOL LIKE EVERY TIME WHEN I TOLD HIM SOMETHING ABOUT MY SCHOOL EVENT OR ANYTHING ELSE AND GAVE ME A FEEDBACK LIKE HIS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL IS THE BEST SCHOOL EVER. And idk how to feedback cos his junior high school is same wif me. I just wanna hate my brother. I just want to.
And it just like...he never mention that he wanna go to my school. And I was rewlly happy for that. Till yesterday.
And you don't have idea about how shocked my bunda was when she got that news.
So let's back to the title. I'll show you all of (not rewlly 'All of') my March-April-May. And they are all fresh and just filtered by Natural effect of PhotoScape. Without any effect beside Natural. Enjoy:))

Our musical drama : Si Lancang.

Saturday of...champagne?

Celebrated Yeni, Dini, Elfa, and Rio's birthdays by eating together (and the election at the morning)

Farewell Party.

Farewell Party of my extracurricular.

Girls' Day Out.

Grilling bananas, corns, sausages, and chickens together.

My colloid (making yogurt) group.

Pictures say everything, don't they? And there are still 2 weeks before the exams week. It's on June 2. And there are still some of daily tests that I didn't completed yet. AND once again, I need to struggle. And I rewlly have to remember the juz amma. Well, enough is enough. God bless!


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