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Morning bae!
Even though I already said goodbye for a while on my last post, my finger can't stop itself(?) to post something before I really really turn into my exams week tomorrow morning. Well, welcome Juneee!:))) We have math and Qur'an Hadist for tomorrow. Good luck and God bless, Aamiin.
And what I want to say right here is... I'm greeting my soundcloud again since I didn't greet it up for...7 months!:( HAHAHAHAH and I uploaded some songs that always spinning on my head nowadays.

AND YOU HAVE TO HEAR THEM ALL!;) You won't regret it. Don't forget to follow my soundcloud: vintasr even I don't have an angel voice as yours, but...............just follow me, okay? I don't know why and since when I really enjoy songs that covered by some singers.___.
Have a nice june, bae!!! I love you as always hahaha<3

You find yourself trapped on that 'BAE' word? You don't know what is that? Just find out on -_-

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  1. PINTA! gak pandai cara follow nya hm

    1. ntahlah ting, akupun tak tau cemana cara bisa nampilin utk follow2nya tu:")


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